Friday, June 24, 2016

Terroir...A Nova Scotia Survey at the AGNS

I have a little story to tell.

There was a call for submissions put out by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (AGNS) last fall....and...I had never seen an open call for submissions put out by the thought.."YES!...I need to try for this"...because the AGNS to me is like.'s like...well...when I walk into the AGNS it feels like I am walking into a church....a sacred place...a place where I am going to see something that is going to make me feel..or think about something in a different's powerful stuff.

 Soo...getting back to my little submission was accepted. To say I did a happy dance is a bit of an understatement....29  artists living and working in NS  are represented in Terroir. We often talk about Nova Scotia..have-not province...culture of defeat...but what are artists saying about the province...what is their perspective....this is a show to see.

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