Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are you ready for bed?

This lady was just delivered to Harvest Gallery in Wolfville NS. She was hooked with recycled wool, sari-ribbon and yarn and she is innocently asking the question "Are you ready for bed?

Are you ready for bed? (29" x 15")

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheeky biography

Generation X'er

Current Residence:
Truro, Nova Scotia 

I have one husband.

Two: our daughter’s name means “LIFE” and our son’s name means “PEACE” and so we have a peaceful life.

Highest level of education:
     BSc Honour’s in Chemistry from Carleton University in Ottawa 

Why Chemistry?
My chemistry professor in 2nd year said I had potential, but in 4th year he asked “what happened to you?”

Present Occupation:

Pardon Me?
  Oh... I mean RUG hooker!
Why Rug Hooking?
In the 70’s, I had a very close encounter with burlap (the backing I use). I wore a cave woman costume made out of burlap for a figure skating show. It must have had a profound affect on me.

But seriously, why rug hooking?
About 10 years ago, I went to a rug hooking exhibit and I just knew I wanted to make rugs. I didn’t really like the patterns I could buy; so I designed my own.

I have to hook; I get cranky if I don’t.

Why do you use recycled wool?
Because a pair of wool pants from Frenchies has more personality to it than new wool from a bolt.

Why do you use recycled sari ribbon?
To support a women’s collective in Nepal. 

Favourite quote
“Art is what I like.” (author unknown to me)

Where do you hook?
In the toyroom/studio. When a potential buyer comes over, I quickly stash the toys in the closet and put on some funky clothes so I look like an artist.

What do you hope to accomplish with your art?
World Peace.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Good News in the Mail

I received a letter yesterday from the Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage informing me that my application had been successful for the Nova Scotia Art Bank Purchase Program...and they have purchased TOILET LADY ...or Morning Routine, which coincidentally is the rug I just mentioned in the previous post. So, I am a happy camper to say the least ..and thank you so much to the province for this program and the help it gives Nova Scotian artists.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Morning Routine

Morning Routine (18x34")
Last year, while preparing for the Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival, I kept asking myself "What is Folk Art? . One of the answers that kept popping up was that it is art which depicts everyday life. ..and so, I was inspired to hook an everyday occurance..Toilet Lady...or Morning Routine. This gal got lots of giggles at the Folk Art Festival and if The Art Bank Of Nova Scotia passes on purchasing her, she will be available for sale at the Harvest Gallery in Wolville, NS.