Thursday, July 11, 2013

And THAT is why you shouldn't hang ballerinas from the clothesline.

This rug was made for the NSDCC show at the Mary Black Gallery in Halifax in September...there is a bit of a story to this so please go to the show, if you can, to read all about it.


  1. I love this rug - composition , colour, but it is very disturbing with the crow walking around with the ballerina's head.

  2. Hi Dan....yes..this rug was a bit different for me. It was made for a NSDCC show titled "Change Ahead" which will happen in Sept. 2013. For the show I am going to have a "Dress" rug and a Headless Ballerina " Rug and this one. I was into making dress rugs in 2007, then "Headlass Ballerinas later and now I am into crows...and women hanging objects on the this rug was just to show where I am "at" now...a gallery owner once asked why I was into "headless ballerinas" and the real answer was.....I wasn't confident enough to tackle faces at the time but I felt embarrassed to tell her that so a friend gave me another explanation which sounded more "artsy" ..ha! the rug, I still didn't want to reveal the real reason I was into "headless ballerinas" so the crow took care of it for me. ..and you, are right, it is disturbing..I have a bit of a black sense of humoour.